Upcoming in 2019

I am going to start my research project about language acquisition. It’s about time, I say. This has grown out of my doctoral dissertation research where I hypothesized about a link between language and crime. My hypothesis, then, was not supported by the data-which was good data-but now seems to be something to re-examine. There has been more current research that addresses this hypothesized link and I am incorporating that.

Sometimes it is not the data or hypotheses that are deficient; it is the researcher who doesn’t know the right questions or can not formulate the right models. So, here I go again!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming in 2019

  1. The need to reexamine and approach the project with a new point of view is the foundation of academia. Values can change and what may not have been supported before often will now have substantial support because the foundation was laid out in the past.


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