Mind blown, check

I just had an interesting group email exchange with members of my family. We were agreeing that the mother, who denied her daughter treatment for diabetes, is a despicable criminal. But when I asked “WTF is wrong with her?” I remembered another conversation I had, long ago, with an author of a book about the Texas Tower Sniper and he made a really interesting comment (one that more people should heed), he said that attempts to quantify the sniper’s “issues” were misguided. Maybe he did what he did because he was simply “mean.” That comment changed my schema regarding criminal behavior. Many people commit crimes or do unspeakable acts, like this mother, simply because they are mean (or any other adjective). They do it because they want to and don’t care.

Now I am not saying that there are criminogenic risk factors for certain types of crimes and behaviors but we may be wasting a lot of time trying to explain why when we should just deal with what. Call me names, disagree with me; I don’t care, just be respectful of my right to express an opinion.

We can discuss risk factors (theories of which have great validity) but I guess, first, you have to read my blog.

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