Fairly sure none of us gets out of it alive

Thanks to Katherine Waff Morris for the title of my post.

As I have said before, academia is not for the faint hearted. And, I suppose I am a faint hearted woman. What I am in for is research. I’ve recently had the pleasure of seeing one of my doctoral dissertation hypotheses supported by recent literature. Two articles, by Deaf researchers, have said-much more eloquently than I-that early language acquisition is crucial to early socialization. That was what I was looking for and what is propelling my present research; to learn if and how the acquisition of language impedes social development.

So, the academic crashed and burned but the researcher never did. That is why sometimes being trained in the scientific method resulting in a shiny Ph.D. is both a blessing and a curse; the blessing creates the thirst for knowledge and the training to try to obtain that knowledge and the curse is that it succeeds. I don’t want to be at the gateway to the afterlife and be like Oscar Schindler saying “If only….” See, curse.

Sometimes, we researchers, do not get empirical validation and, indeed, we were taught that as long as we follow the scientific method, it is fine. But the training makes us want to continue and, urrggghh, it’s a calling you can not ignore.

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