Long time, no bitch

I realize it’s been awhile but I have been trying to straighten some shit out in my life. But all is cool in Avivaland so here we go.

I never hear from any of you; I never get any likes or comments. Please feel free to comment, like/dislike or whatever. I feel lonely here on my high horse.

So, in our new year upcoming, I am making some changes in my style-accepting the gray hairs, never accepting stupidity and totally never accepting the new model of higher ed; pandering to the high school graduates who take our classes so that they can collect a shiny college degree. I just taught a whole semester (and will be going back in the spring) but all of my students LOVED me, except for one. And there is always that one; the one who “payed for this class” but “didn’t learn anything” and asks “why would you hire someone like her?” WOW, a high school graduate who goes to college and still can’t write a decent thesis sentence but refuses to learn from someone who has a college degree (check), 3 masters degrees (check) and one Ph.D. (check). But, as she stated, “she doesn’t know anything about the subject she’s supposed to teach.” OK colleagues, when is enough enough? I had a tenured position, which I quit to take a higher paying position, then had 2 heart attacks, so am now working as an adjunct, but I clearly know what the fuck I am teaching. Why do administrators take this entitled whining so seriously? Are they so concerned about the bottom line? I am glad that I am getting older; I don’t want to live in a world run by such stupid, whiny, spoiled children. And I know I am not alone; why do my colleagues stay silent?

I am baffled but hey, I’ll be dead soon and won’t have to watch as they are overtaken by the Chinese, Russians and all other nations that still do prize learning.

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